Road Trip - Day 4!

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Day 4 had us waking up in Pueblo, Colorado. We started our day's journey by heading up to the Cheyenne Mountain State Park where we did a little hiking! I was a little leery after seeing all the warning signs about what to do if mountain lions or bears attack! However, it was a beautiful place to hike with well maintained trails. Cheyenne Mountain State Park Colorado selfieCheyenne Mountain Coloradotrail at Cheyenne Mountain State Park You will have to excuse the selfie! We always seem to manage to face the sun! 

Next, we headed to Pike's Peak. Hubby has always wanted to visit and see where they race cars at! racing at pike's peak historyAfter driving up there, there is no way in creation that I would ever race a car on that road! I hate heights, and then the drop offs with no guard rails, uh uh, not me! Lol colorado mountains I don't have very many pictures from this leg of the trip, since I was too busy trying not to panic at the drop offs! However, hubby got a bunch, so maybe he will let me share some of his later! selfie at pike's peak We did get to see some snow while we were up there! It was kinda odd since when we started up the mountain it was in the upper 70's and by the time we got to the top it was in the 40's! snow on pike's peak As we were coming down the mountain, we stopped to take some pictures of the beautiful birch trees, and get another selfie! (Eventually, we have to get better at those, right?) birch trees at pike's peakselfie at pike's peak national forest sign 

Next stop before heading out was at The Airplane Restaurant in Colorado Springs. I highly recommend you stop and check out this cool little place! Our waitress (I can't remember her name) was amazing and stayed in character the whole time! All of the waiters / waitresses are stewards/ stewardesses and treat you as if you are actually flying! We got to sit on the actual plane, and the menu (newspaper) had the history of the plane! Plus it was a souvenir that we got to bring home! And the most important part of any restaurant, the food! It was amazing, and we both had leftovers to take back to the room for lunch the next day! the airplane restaurant colorado springsthe airplane restaurant menu colorado springs 

After dinner, we hit the road and found our landing spot in Limon, Colorado for the night! Heading back towards home, so don't miss the last 2 days of our journey! sunset in car mirror

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