Road Trip - Day 3! From Texas to Colorado!

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Hi, and welcome to the next leg of our road trip! Day 3 was A LOT of driving! We started out in Amarillo, Texas and ended our day in Pueblo, Colorado. The first part of our day was long, straight roads with beautiful blue skies as far as you could see long paved road with blue sky We stopped at all the rest areas and historical markers and learned a lot about the history of the places we were traveling through. When we got to Campo, Colorado, we got out for a bit to stretch our legs and found Smokey the Bear! Hubby wouldn't get out and take a picture with him though (for those of you who don't know, my hubby's real, birth name is Smokey). masked Smokey the Bear in Campo, Colorado Campo also had some really cool statues decorating the town. They looked like they were made from scrap metal, but who ever the artist is is extremely talented. They were able to capture the mood of each statue with just metal! metal cowboy statue in campo, colorado 

Next we were off to find a place to hike and look around. Well, that didn't happen, but we did find Two Buttes (yes, my kids had a chuckle at the name).  two buttes, colorado landscape blue skyThis place was absolutely beautiful, although I highly recommend taking an SUV or something with 4 wheel drive if you want to go to the wildlife viewing area. My little Kia Soul was not the right vehicle to try that with, so we turned around before making it very far in. The ruts in some places were deeper than my tires! We do plan on going back in the future to visit the wildlife area, but we will make sure to have an appropriate vehicle first! We did manage to see a lot of prairie dogs on the way (although they are very camera shy) prairie dog hole with a prairie dog peeking out You can kinda see his little head still peeking out. It was very cute to see them running and diving into their holes! It really did look like a real life cartoon! On the way back to the highway, we spotted this herd of pronghorns (I think) in a field of wind turbines. pronghorns in grass field with wind turbines This was the first time I had seen this type of deer outside of a zoo! They were very beautiful, and seemed to be quite a bit smaller than the white tail deer that we have here at home.

After leaving Two Buttes, there was a small roadside rest area and we definitely needed to stretch. So, we stopped for a few minutes to look at the beautiful rock formations and stretch our legs. I thought this one looked like a person about to eat his broccoli rock formation near two buttes in colorado From there, we headed on to Pueblo to find a room for the night. On the way we crossed the Arkansas river, which looks a little dry compared to the way it does at home! arkansas river in colorado Stay tuned for Day 4's adventures!

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