Road Trip! October - Day 1

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One thing you will soon learn about the hubby and I (if you don't already know) is that we LOVE to road trip! Now, our road trips may seem a little odd to most people, mainly because I cannot stand to travel on interstates. Everywhere we travel, if at all possible, we take highways or sometimes even county roads! This lets us find all kinds of cool little places!

Our most recent road trip was for my hubby's birthday month, and we visited 6 (almost 7) states in 7 days! Covid really has not changed our traveling too much, other than having to learn the individual state rules and regulations. We don't like a lot of crowds, and we prefer to visit state parks, wildlife centers and small businesses and junk stores. This means that we usually don't have any problem social distancing and we always have sanitizer and masks on hand!

On to our trip! Day 1 was mainly driving to get us started on our journey. We left Arkansas after doing some finish up work on my mom's bathroom. We headed to Oklahoma first and found a great little junk store in a town called Eagletown. My hubby found me the most hilarious set of salt and pepper shakers (I'm a collector)! Then we stopped at a little cemetery in Millerton to stretch our legs for a minute. Millerton Cemetery It probably seems odd to some people, but I love the history and peacefulness that can be found in cemeteries. 

Our next stop was at Fort Towson to stretch our legs at the dam, and learn a little about the area. It was a nice walk, and the hubby wished he had a fishing pole! Fort Towson Dam We were blessed with these beautiful bright blue skies the WHOLE trip! I couldn't believe it!

Next, we headed to Hugo, Oklahoma (have you figured out our route yet?). Did you know that Hugo is a circus town? I had no idea! It was really fun looking up the history, and seeing all of the historical statues and markers! Hugo OklahomaMy hubby loves trains, so we had to get a couple of pics of this one!Hugo Oklahoma Train The next stop on our journey was finding a room for the first night, but not before we got to see this gorgeous sunset! Oklahoma sunset Not long after we watched the sunset, we arrived in Wichita Falls, Texas. Which is where we found a really great deal on this beautiful room! motel room wichita falls texas 

Stay tuned for the rest of our journey! 

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