Road Trip October - Day 2!

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After getting a good night's sleep we headed out for day 2 of our road trip! We were originally bound for Roswell, New Mexico, but you will see what happens to that idea in just a bit! Spoiler - ALWAYS check for any travel restrictions before you make your plans!

The first place we ended up at on day 2 was Copper Breaks State Park. This is a beautiful park with lots of hiking trails. Just be prepared to be covered in red dust!  We ended up doing a small hike that took us about an hour. It was a little hilly, but a pretty easy hike compared to some of the ones we have been on! The hubby even volunteered to take a selfie of us! If you like hiking, I definitely recommend checking out this state park. They also have a little fishing lake/pond, that has some HUGE bullfrogs! I managed to get a picture of one of the smaller ones before it hopped away. We already have it on our list of places to revisit, so that we can try out some of the longer trails.

Copper Breaks trail mapCopper Breaks state parkCopper Breaks state parkCopper Breaks State Park bench on trailSelfie from trail at Copper Breaks State ParkSmall Bullfrog at Copper Breaks

After our hike, we raided the ice chest for cold water and snacks and then hit the road again. The rest of the day consisted of a lot of driving, so I was very thankful for all of the historical markers and roadside rest stops. I love learning about all the places we visit, plus its a great time to stretch your legs a bit. During this leg of the trip, we started seeing a lot of wind turbines. I've seen the blades being hauled on trucks, but I had never seen a wind farm other than on t.v. Historical Marker in Texaswind turbine

Next, we made it back to Earth! Just kidding, but we had fun messing with the kids when we drove into this small town in Texas. welcome to Earth signEarth, Texas

Next stop - NEW MEXICO! I had never been to New Mexico, so I was super excited. We crossed the New Mexico line (almost didn't realize we had crossed it, there was a big truck between us and the sign) New Mexico sign . And then ... we see the flashing sign that ended our New Mexico trip. "14 day quarantine for anybody visiting from out of state without a negative Covid test in the last 72 hours" So, we turned around and headed back into Texas.

Since we had a change of plans, we decided to stay for the night in Amarillo, and decide where we wanted to head next. On the way to Amarillo, I got to see actual stockyards for the first time (at least that I can remember). I grew up around horses and cows. Rodeo and farm life are nothing new, but I had never seen so many cows in one place! Hubby didn't like the smell too much, but it reminded me of playing in the barn at my Pa's when I was little. It's funny how differently each person reacts to a smell. stockyard

On down the road a bit, we see this giant cowboy looming over everything! It made me think about how many of the old roadside attractions are gone now. I think it would be cool if people started bringing those back. Maybe more people would road trip on highways instead of interstates if they did! Anyways, here is the big cowboy cowboy in Texas I took a closer picture, but this one shows his size a lot better!

Finally after a long day of driving / riding, we got to our room in Amarillo for the night. I settled in and worked on some schoolwork (cause you have to be responsible even on vacation, lol). schoolwork

Stop by tomorrow for Day 3 of the trip!


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