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Welcome to our little shop! I decided our first post should you tell you a little about our family and our business, then we will focus on more fun stuff!

Hi! I'm Heather, and I am the owner and Mom of S & H Treasures. I love to create, so my hubby and I decided to start a business encompassing our creations. You will notice that our shop is rather eclectic. That's because it has a little bit of each of us in it! So, more about me. Hmm, I'm the mother of 3 (ages 22, 20, and 17). I am a lifelong college student, love all kinds of animals, and always have a ton of stuff going on! I am at my happiest when I am traveling with the hubby, creating things or just generally have a ton of stuff going on! In my "downtime" I like to work on our genealogy and read!

My hubby (Smokey) is retired military and is amazing at working with wood. He builds all of my displays for me, and helps me with orders when needed. His main job with the business is to keep me sane and from overdoing! Lol that is a full time job on its own!

My son (Alex) is currently in the Army, so he is busy defending our country instead of helping with the business! We are very proud of him and thankful to have reconnected with him! Hopefully, he will contribute some of his expertise with websites and videos to help us grow in the future!

My daughter (Heaven) is a talented artist and photographer. You will see her artwork on some of our marketing items, and in our wall art (as soon as we get that section finished). She is currently working towards her degree in graphic design!

My youngest is Temperance. She is a wonderful jewelry designer and artist. She works full time at Freddy's, and is starting college soon for her degree in health care management.

Taylor is another member of our family, although not by blood. She is a dear family friend, my employee, and an "adopted" daughter. Taylor is my right hand for everything that goes into creating our home fragrance products. She also does the photography for our listing photos and packaging designs.

Hopefully soon, you will see new products from my mom and sister! My sister does amazing woodworking and my mom has designed some really cool things for your kitchen! I will give you more info on them when they give me the okay!

Make sure you check in often for new posts! I will be uploading some info from our latest travels soon, and you don't want to miss that!

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