Tractors Tooth Fairy / Worry Pillow

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This tooth fairy pillow is perfect to harvest all of your little farmers lost teeth!

❤ COLOR: Pictured with an Onyx (black) back and pocket. Pick any solid color available for no additional charge! (There is a $2.00 charge for a matching print back.)

Another great use for these little pillows is a worry or prayer pillow. At night simply have your child write their worries or prayers on a small card or piece of paper and place it in the pocket, once they have gone to sleep you can remove the card. This can benefit both you and your child. It allows you to see what is bothering your child even though they may not be ready or able to talk about it, and it provides a way for your child to release some of their worries instead of bottling them up.

❤ Every pillow comes with your choice of a Tooth Fairy Set or a Worry Set.

 Tooth Fairy Set includes a tooth-shaped tooth holder and a container of "fairy" dust.

 Worry Set includes a set of 10 cards and a pen.

❤ PERSONALIZATION: Make this pillow truly special by adding any word or name (up to 10 characters) in your choice of font and color vinyl. Personalization is a steal at only $2.00 extra!

❤ SIZE: Pillow is 10" long x 8" tall and the pocket is 4" long x 2" tall

❤ CARE: Machine washable in cold water with like colors. For fluffiest results, dry on low heat in dryer and place a clean tennis ball in the dryer while drying. (A care card is included with every purchase! 

❤ CUSTOM: We're happy to create custom products. If you would like a pillow in a different color, size or design, send us a message! We will be happy to work with you to create a pillow that you will love!

❤ MADE ESPECIALLY FOR YOU: Each of our pillows are handmade by us. We cut each piece of fabric, hand stuff every pillow and machine and hand sew every stitch. We want to make sure that each of our pillows are made with the same quality that we would want to give to our loved ones!