About Us

We are a small, family owned and run business located in Hot Springs, Arkansas. All of our products are hand crafted by us, with each of us having our own talents!

Hi, I'm Heather, as the owner of S & H Treasures I wear many hats! I am a mother of 3 and wife of a veteran. I am currently in college. I enjoy staying busy, spending time with my family, hiking, genealogy and decorating. 

Smokey is my hubby, and builds all of my displays and storage. He is great at taking my ideas and turning them into reality. As a bonus, he is the only one who can keep me sane most days! 

Heaven is our oldest daughter. She is a talented artist and photographer, and helps me keep track of the paperwork and household matters! She is currently in college for graphic design!

Temperance is our youngest daughter. She makes beautiful, one of a kind jewelry pieces, and is an aspiring artist and photographer. She has a "regular" job also, so she stays busy!

Alex is our son, and he is currently serving our country in the U.S. Army!

Taylor is our honorary daughter! She started out as the best friend of Heaven, and now she is a very important part of the family business! She is a talented photographer, college student, and my right hand!

We have a huge family, so from time to time different family members will contribute to our collection. When this happens, we will have a note on the product giving them credit and letting you know about them!

Of course, I can't forget all the fur babies! They weren't too happy when we got the new office and they weren't allowed in, so I had better make sure to give them a mention! Our dog babies are Kiowa, Kodiak, Theo, and Koca. Our feline babies are Romeo, Camo, Priscilla, Persephone, Calypso, Mary Jane, Garfield, and Fancy Feet! We also have Rango the Chameleon and Chin Chi the Chinchilla!

Well, I hope you enjoyed meeting our crew! I will try to get some pictures up soon! Happy shopping!