Exorcism - 4 oz Linen / Room Spray

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This unusual blend will have you wanting to exorcise all the demons from your home in no time!** This smell makes a fun gag gift, or just an amazing air freshener!

**This scent is made to replicate the incense and herbs that are burned during exorcisms. We in no way claim that it will actually work to exorcise demons or spirits from any person or home!**

All of our linen sprays are alcohol free! They are a great smelling way to neutralize odors in your home and car!

Our 4 oz sprays are a great way to freshen your home with over 350 sprays in every bottle!

Suggested Uses:

♥ Air Freshener: Spray 2 to 3 spritzes into air in well ventilated area.

♥ Linens / Fabrics: Spray 2 to 3 spritzes approximately 12" from fabric.

♥ Pet Deodorizer: Spray onto pet's coat from approximately 12" away. Avoid contact with face, eyes and skin.

♥Body Spray: Do not use on skin! Can be used to spray clothing!


▲ Do NOT spray directly onto face of you or your pet!

▲ Do not ingest. For external use only!

▲ Avoid contact with eyes. If eye contact should occur, flush with warm water for 5 minutes.

▲ Hard surfaces may become slippery with overspray.

▲ Do not expose to heat or fire.

▲ Keep out of reach of children.