Pink Ribbon - Neck Wrap

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This soft fleece boo boo bag is a great way to show your support for those affected by breast cancer! 

**All proceeds from your purchase will be donated to the Arkansas Cancer Coalition**

What is a Boo Boo Bag? A boo boo bag is a rice filled hot/cold pack that is perfect for all of your "boo boos" or injuries! We started making these when our children were small for all of their bumps and bruises, and they were a lifesaver!


*Neck bags are 3.5" x 21" and are divided into 4 sections for easier placement

*Pink ribbons on white background for the front and solid pink for the back. Can be custom ordered with pink ribbons on both sides.

*Bag is filled 3/4 full of rice to leave room for maneuverability

*Made with 100% Polyester Fleece (May be microwaved in 30 second intervals ONLY)!

*Filled with long grain rice for long lasting even temperature

*Can be kept in the freezer for a cold pack that is always ready to go

*Can be microwaved for use as a hot pack (Only heat in microwave for 30 second intervals!)

*Available unscented or with essential oils

*Care and Usage Instruction card included with every purchase. Please follow Usage Instructions for safety and longevity!

Essential Oil Options (click on links for Essential Oil Information pages):






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